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Rambo – play the Video Game


Rambo: The Video Game is an action game on-rails produced by the studio Teyon. The game follows the story of John Rambo from the well-known movies: Rambo-First Blood, Rambo – First Blood Part II and Rambo III.

The game-play of the game is pretty simple, and the graphic and the sound of the game will make you nostalgic if you have experimented the old game from the gaming consoles from CRT TV.

Rambo: The Video Game has been launched on 21 February 2014 for PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

As I already stated above, Rambo: The Video Game is a shooter on-rails, that means the players can’t control the direction or the vision of the character. But as all on-rails game work, you will be able to place a target everywhere on the screen, to load and shoot - click to play now.

The game passes through the three movies previously mentioned, keeping the main important scenes and adding hundreds and hundreds of enemies that appear one by one. The fun thing about these enemies if the fact that appear like in a row and they seem to be waiting to be shoot by Rambo. After he kills a couple of them, he go ahead a couple of meters and then another set of enemies appears that Rambo needs to shoot and after that he can advance another meters and so on. Saying all these to you, proves my point of view that this game has a simple game-play. To get more information read the continuation of my article.

In order to improve the classic recipe of on-rails shooter game, the producers have thought to add a cover element: on every set of enemies Rambo can hide behind an obstacle and in this way he managed to protect himself from the bullets.

The game also contains a couple of elements that are not too common for this type of game: stealth elements that represents a couple of scripted moves and quick time events that despite the fact they aren’t performed perfectly by the player, they will send him to the last checkpoint. You should find the best solution and win the game.

Rambo: The Video Game can be player together with another person, and in this way on the screen they will be two target instead of two guns, and both players will share the same gun that will shoot two ways faster and in two different places at the same time. Ok, I am not crazy when I am saying that this is the most stupid thing I have ever seen, right? This aspect of the game has made me thing that I made a huge mistake in buying it.

So, taking into account this last fact, I don’t recommend this game with all my heart since this option is pretty disappointing and to be honest the rest of the game is not that good either.

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